Welcome to RVLISCIOUS from YouTube

We are Pat, Pet and Penelope. You know us best as: your new friends from The Netherlands!

So if you have come to this webpage, you are probably already one of our Youtube-subscribers! If you're not subscribed yet, you can go and do so here: youtube.com/rvliscious.


Do check out our official website as well! You can find it at: www.rvliscious.com.


I am Petra, a lover of photography. I have been making pictures since the beginning of our travels. That was on January the 1st of 2016. Every picture you buy, supports us hugely in our daily travels.


All pictures are approximately A4-sized and matt laminated.


I am so proud of this photobook. It took me and Pat a long time to complete it and we are in love with the result. It contains my very best work, the best pictures I took in all four seasons since we started the fulltime RV life in 2016.

I also started making some paintings during our travels. My paintings allow me to express my creative self and at the same time they are another way for you to support us. You can order any painting, unless they are already sold out. All paintings are one of a kind only, so you have to be quick about it :).


To be able to order from the webshop, you first need a Paypal-account. If you don't have one yet, you can make one very easily and for free. It's very simple. We know this, because we have made one! And if we can do it...

Just head over to paypal.com and sign up!

Also check out:

Yes, we made a sticker! It's our official RVLISCIOUS-sticker. By ordering it, you get something unique and durable that you can stick literally anywhere. We have seen our sticker already on fridges and car bumpers. And on the backside of Penelope. By buying a sticker (or two!) you help support us in our full time RV adventure.

The rumors are true: Pat and Pet composed their own intro song to their YouTube-videos. The tune whistled by Pet and written by Pat is very catchy and we think it also makes for a great ringtone. Feel free to download it completely free. Because we are awesome like that and we love to share!

Yep, my boyfriend is a famous author. At least, to me his is and let's face it: He is a YouTube Star (LOL). Pat wrote a novel and many poems and combined them all in this amazing 600+ paged ebook. Great for our Dutch buddies especially!

Last but not least: you can also become a monthly patreon of RVLISCIOUS. As our patreon you can support us each month with a small amount. It's all up to you really, that makes Patreon so great. You decide whatever amount you feel comfortable with. As small as 5 bucks a month makes a big difference to us in our daily rv life. Just go over to patreon.com/rvliscious and follow the steps. Easy peasy!