Patrick Haverkate Omnibus

Patrick Haverkate Omnibus

Patrick Haverkate has written poems and novels as a Dutch writer pretty much his whole life. He is a published poet in both Dutch (The Netherlands) and Flemish (Belgium) magazines. In 1998 Patrick won the national student writing competition The Pythical Games. His victory was twofold, for both best short story and poetry. In 2013 Pat wrote his debut novel (selfpublished): The Abyss as well as some new poems. On his website you can download his individual ebooks for free. But for those who want to help out and support our lifestyle we created this Omnibus, containing all Pats literary work from 1998 until 2015. As a bonus, also copies of all his literary magazine publications are included. The Omnibus is exclusively available here, not even on Pats own website. But remember: everything is written in Dutch language only.


  • Title: Patrick Haverkate Omnibus
  • Year: 2017
  • Pages: 608
  • Photography: Petra Smit
  • Writing: Patrick Haverkate
  • Language: Dutch
  • Format: PDF (Ebook)
  • Filesize: 9 MB


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